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Page history last edited by Owen Densmore 14 years ago

Projects Working at the Complex


Current Projects

Please join in




Potential Projects and Interest Areas

Help form these projects or propose a new one


  • Computational Photography (Steve Smith, Tim Thomas)
  • Stereo Photography (Jason Ordaz)
  • Technology Mediated Cultural Preservation (Jason Ordaz, Tim Thomas, Ralph Chapman, Steve Smith)
  • virtual and augmented reality (Bandit)
  • Visualizing Music (Orlando)
  • Design (Owen & Dede)
  • guided reflection on Youtube (Rich)
  • Computing infrastructure
  • MyNewMexico
  • Venice Biennale
  • model the complex (Matt Francisco)
  • Kellogg New Options Initiative for Youth Pathways
  • Las Cruces Pipe
  • Project Pipeline (laminar flow) Jack
  • Pathways to spinout (Jack)
  • Computer Vision
  • Animation
  • facilitate kid introductions
  • Grant writing
  • Collaborative Computing (Morgan)
  • Game Development
  • Three Tuesdays (Tom)
  • Digital Event Library
  • 15 minute challenges
  • Deep Interaction Spaces (Stephen)
  • Youth Culture Cultivation (Gil)
  • ABQ pipe
  • Poker, analytics, and you
  • Investment Analytics and Visualization
  • Los Alamos Digital History (Kevin Holsapple - LACDC)


Completed Projects





Notes have moved


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Comments (4)

Anonymous said

at 8:10 pm on Dec 1, 2007

I like it; I LIKE it!

Anonymous said

at 1:18 am on Dec 2, 2007

I added my own candidate logo and reorganized the page to put new stuff at the top. so when looking for Tom's logo and steve's comment on it, be sure to cursor DOWN. I did this because our experience seems to have been that once a page got going, new stuff started getting lost at the bottom. Let's try this for a while and see if we like it better .... or worse.

Anonymous said

at 10:39 pm on Dec 13, 2007


the new version is stronger at the end but weaker at the beginning. (somehow the Complex itself gets lost in the shuffle.) Given that the beginning is more important than the end, I recommend we go back to the 4pm Thursday version, tidy it up, and lock it in for a month. Your work on the incorporation documents at this point is much more important.

I cannot offer to pick it up from here because of the grant proposal. So I think somebody ... you or me ... should put in another hour on it (with a timer running) and call it quits for now.


Anonymous said

at 11:09 am on Feb 13, 2008

As per my email, I think our current definition of memberships, ecc., reads like an explosion in a concept factory. Bits of things lying all over the place. Also not clear where the money is coming from.

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